is a team who guide you to a greatest place to travel on your vocation. Currently services that we have is Travel on, Pelklas Creative Studio and Pelklas Realestate Sale Agent.

Travel on :

Our website address is: We are a travel site and we suggest traveling places to our fan/users who visit this site and also on our Facebook Page

We also have services to boost your resort or hotel to reach the audience too by posting images or exclusive article.

Pelklas Studio :

Pelklas Creative Studio is our design studio. We have services to provide you the best look and branding.

What we can do :

Graphic design : Now you can contact us to create a stunning artwork for your Facebook page or printing materials such as Namecard, Posters, Leaflet, Brochure, Banners, T-Shirt design, Parasol, Car Mockup etc..,

Logo Design : Provide you the best branding for your business. To increase your business performance.

Video Editing : We can edit video and other related things to your business.

Social Media : We are good in freelancing to manage your business on social media – facebook, linked in, twitter, telegram and site!

Email : [email protected]

Phone : 089 737 440

or visit our website