All jokes aside, with less than 400,000 dollars, Xiaomi made everyone in the world know they made a new “old” logo. Actually, I’m not even mad, that’s amazing!! – Pelklas តេស្តIQ | Pelklas

All jokes aside, with less than 400,000 dollars, Xiaomi made everyone in the world know they made a new “old” logo. Actually, I’m not even mad, that’s amazing!!

If you don't see the difference in the new Xiaomi

logo, come and I will tell you

Yesterday, the Xiaomi logo was developed in conjunction with the launch of a new collection of their products, and the whole internet is upside down, but before we explain what happened, we will say two introductions of a rug

1-Branding and Rebranding don't work in silence, and no one feels it, but it's a powerful tool to draw attention and express companies their achievements or changes that happen in their directions, or solve reputation problems and try to renew their relationship Between the user and this is clear in the last couple of years, the interest of large brands abroad in changing identity and making press conferences and explanatory videos to communicate the new picture and interact with people

The philosophy of design in Japan is based on the simple differences and the simple development of what actually exists. Every creative people has a philosophy in life in general that applies to anything they do, for example, America is the radical changes, but Japan is the opposite. For example, we bring fresh fish and preferably me and with a certain treatment, the whole world knows whether it likes it or not

Back to Brand Xiaomi

The design of the new identity of the Japanese designer Kenya HARA, who says that technology has become interfering in our lives on a daily basis and Xiaomi is trying to make the existence of technology auto and natural, not imposed, and that's why Xiaomi's new trend is that the brand value The main thing is that the products are alive (Alive)

Meaning that it is not difficult to use, and you feel that it is a normal part of everyday life, and the old slogan was severe and did not reflect this.

If we visualize the old logo and simplify it to the simplest shape, it is the square, and we brought the most flexible shape, and it is the circle, so we want to see an area in the text, and it meets technology with the human being that is Xiaomi.

The designer made a simple mathematical equation and started testing the shapes between the square and the circle and arrived because the best shape is the number N =3

With the same philosophy, the softening of edges and mixing it with the acute of the old logo on the Lettermark, then on the wordmark, which follows the distances and yes, the edges of some letters to add the new meaning and the ease of use on digital screens.

Orange has been preserved and a new secondary color, which is grey, which is the neutral zone between darkness and light, has been added with the same logic as the new shape.

- The so-called dynamic logo has been developed, and it is a logo that moves in a way that suggests that it grows up and gets smaller as if it is beating to reach the same meaning of life, and this topic is also clear in the uses of conceptual images, such as Words, opens and Human beings smile and sea wave to emphasize the same concept

Identity development took 3 years in collaboration with the Xiaomi design team

Technically, it's ridiculous, and it could have been explained in two minutes, not in need of a conference.

But in terms of business and branding Xiaomi, it is considered zero risks that they made very simple modifications, it will not cost them much at all to change them.

At the same time, they attracted the attention of the whole world through the philosophy of the design of the world respects it, which is Japanese philosophy.

Like when you make a conference and you bring a lot of people and tell them to surprise them, and in the end, show them something very normal, people start doubting whether it's me who's stupid or they're being used to, but as numbers and money that happened, it was genius.

On the other hand, this change will not change the perception in the user's mind about the brand unless there is a real experience different from other brands, and this is what is difficult to do in the field of mobile phones unless they make a concrete transfer, which is a good step for brands. Chinese and its awareness of the importance of brand

And I will end with one of the comments online

All jokes aside, with less than 400,000 dollars, Xiaomi made everyone in the world know they made a new "old" logo. Actually, I'm not even mad, that's amazing:v

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