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20 creative ideas of thinkers around the world to make us cry

A designer is someone who has limitless inspiration. Each day they create something new that makes our world a better place, although sometimes their ideas are so new that it surprises people. But once you get a chance to try them out, you might just like them. Here are 20 creative ideas of thinkers around the world. That will make us cry, wow, what's there to follow?

#1 A really cool designed charging cable cover. Love it.

#2 A hand-shaped chair that, when folded down, becomes a fist-clenched hand.

#3 A locker that clearly says what it is used for

#4 A shelf that looks like a light bulb

#5 Butterfly Wing Chair

#6 Supershelf and Wondershelf

#7 A chair that is almost transparent.

#8 Glass table that floats above balloons

#9 This crab is full of tools.

#10 Wall for Tetris Game Lovers

#11 Portable Keyboard for Tablets

#12 Rain clouds on trees

#13 A donut-designed cup with a hole in the middle, which is weird.

#14 Juicer in the form of a watering can

#15 A ladder that will keep you sane all the time.

#16 A desk that looks like a tilt

#17 Floating Wine Glass for Private Tub Party

#18 2D lamp

#19 Google Chrome's T-Rex game in shorts

#20 My school bike is a smoothie blender.